My name is Jakub Dorsz. I live in Gdansk, Poland.

I  started in the traditional routing and switching area several years ago. Over those years I was involved in many projects related to Campus LAN, Service Provider backbone, and Data Center environments. Thanks to that I gained deep knowledge about Cisco and Juniper routing and switching concepts and solutions.

In 2018 I decided to change and “migrated myself” to the cloud.

For 3+ years, I was responsible for designing and deploying private clouds environments based on VMware NSX as a Cloud Network Architect at Atos.

It did not take long when I realized that private cloud is not a final place where the customers wanted their workloads to be 🙂

The reason was that, at some point, all of the customers planned to integrate those private clouds with their public clouds environments. Furthermore, some of them moved all their workloads to public clouds. So I decided to jump into public clouds as well.

When I found out about the Aviatrix and its Multi-Cloud Network Architecture I was so amazed that I decided to dive deeper.

Currently, I am a proud member of Aviatrix Systems working as a Customer Solution Architect for the EMEA region. I am focused on diving deeper and deeper into both Aviatrix MCNA and Public Clouds.

The most important certifications that I hold:

  • CCIE Routing & Switching #53356 passed in 2016,
  • Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect passed in March 2021
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate passed in October 2021
  • Vmware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization 2021 passed in April 2021
  • Aviatrix Certified Engineer – Professional passed in December 2021
  • Aviatrix Certified Infrastructure as a Code passed in January 2022

* Please notice the main picture has been taken from and modified by me in accordance with the license.